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Eurasia Social Change Ltd. History

Eurasia Social Change Ltd. History

Fulfilling a Need

Countries aspiring to accession to the European Union and those building new relations with it, and around it, are looking for new models and frameworks for development that are complimentary to those in Europe, but also in step with their own cultural and social legacies. 

Approaches to transition employed in the countries of Eastern Europe in the 1990s are increasingly seen to be unsuitable for the emerging economies in the Caucasus and Middle East, and mostly irrelevant to development in Turkey.

Thus, there is a growing need to mobilise expertise that can contribute a more appropriate and sustainable input to development interventions in the region. The Eurasia Social Change Collective is the mechanism for that mobilisation.

Our consultants provide:

  • Needs assessments and analysis
  • Design and delivery of capacity development
  • Facilitation of civil society-public sector collaboration
  • Evaluations and research

Our consultants are:

  • A core group of 6 social development and governance experts
  • A pool of associates
  • From Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Moldova, Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan & UK