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Projects / Our Work

EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue

The EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue (ICD) Programme, launched by the Yunus Emre Institute, Turkey’s leading cultural actor, provides financial support for projects that bring together various culture-based organisations from Turkey and EU Member States. These grant-funded projects are supporting a range of intercultural activities and collaborations.

The Programme is co-financed by the European Union and Republic of Turkey under the financial cooperation for strengthening civil society. This phase of the Intercultural Dialogue programme has a total budget of €3 million, with nearly 70% of this funding being awarded to four grant projects.

In addition to the grant projects, the ICD programme is also contributing to the internal capacity development of the Yunus Emre Institute, including supporting the Institute to develop further engagement and interaction with the Network of Cultural Institutes in EU (EUNIC). Eurasia Social Change is part of a consortium (with FCG Sweden and ICE) providing technical assistance to Yunus Emre Institute for the ICD programme.

Our team of experts is working with staff of the Institute to assist them in grant scheme management and monitoring, to undertake an Institutional Capacity Needs Analysis and the design and delivery of capacity building measures for intercultural dialogue. Our team is also implementing a specific communication strategy to raise awareness to the EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue.

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